2034 Minor League System Rankings: #15 - #11
Cave Dameron's minor league system rankings for 2034, continuing with the mediocre tier.
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#15 - Cincinnati Reds

12th in OSA's rankings, 3 OSA Top 100 (#14 3B Clarke, #25 SS Weeks, #77 P Cruz)

3B Rex Clarke, 21, #14 OSA, 64 POT, 65 FV - Absolutely demolishing AAA as a 21 year old. Already very developed with the bat for his age. Could probably start in the TNBL right now. Has an elite arm, but the average range and glove will keep him from ever being an elite 3B. He’ll be very good in basically every category. Looks like a future stud.

SS Brent Weeks, 20, #25 OSA, 65 POT, 55 FV - Has the range to make an elite SS, although the arm might keep him in the “very good” range instead. Has good potential with the bat, although it’s mostly just projection at this point. He’s struggling in S A. High floor from his defense, but the bat is a wildcard at this point.

SP Tony Cruz, 20, #77 OSA, 54 POT, 60 FV - Already pretty developed for a 20 year old. Playing very well in A so far. Has the potential for two elite pitches and another plus one. Touches 97 with good movement and control. Stamina looks good. Should mention he’s got okay potential with the bat, although his own team doesn’t seem to think so, as they never play him. He doesn’t have the skills to play anywhere on the field, and his bat probably isn't good enough to DH, so maybe it’s for the best he sticks to pitching. Future #3 starter or better.

RP Aguostinho Rego, 23, NR OSA, 80 POT, 50 FV - The two pitches are already developed, as is the movement. Control is getting there, and could be very good one day. Fastball touches 98. Fantastic stamina. Walking too many batters this year in AAA, and not really striking out as many as you’d think. Still, he looks like a future stud closer.

1B Kipchoge Muhammad, 21, NR OSA, 50 POT, 45 FV - Has good potential with the bat, although the power and eye are just projections right now. Should hit for a high average with a ton of doubles. Adds some value on the bases. Defensively projects well as a 1B, although he could probably be a below-average 2B as well. Need to see him perform above S A to call him a future starter, though.

CF Franklin Reyes, 25, NR OSA, 49 POT, 45 FV - Struggling a bit this year in AAA, although he played very well there last year. Has the tools to play anywhere in the OF at a high level. Will also add a ton of value on the bases. Bat is ok at best. Might hit for .280 with double digit HRs.

2B Alvin Firestone, 24, NR OSA, 51 POT, 45 FV - Fantastic mustache. Will be a very good 2B, or an average SS. Adds value on the bases. Has the potential for a good bat and power, although his bad eye will hold him back from ever being above average.

CF Barry Robbins, 20, NR OSA, 48 POT, 45 FV - Has the range to stick in CF, although the arm will keep him from being elite. Very good baserunner. Won’t hit for much power, or even average for that matter. Projects best as a utility OF with a below average bat.

CF Danny Berroa, 24, NR OSA, 46 POT, 45 FV - Can play at a high level anywhere in the OF. One of the best baserunners in the league. Bat could be average someday. Playing very well in AAA this year. If he keeps it up, he could move up to 50 FV.

2B Felix den Hertog, 23, NR OSA, 47 POT, 45 FV - Not sure why he’s in A-ball this year, as he played very well in AAA last year. Has the tools to play a very good 2B or average SS. Bat is about average. Would like to see him return to AAA, or at least AA. Looks like a future utility guy.

1B Danny Valenzuela, 25, NR OSA, 31 POT, 45 FV - Above average with the bat, although the eye will keep him from being more than average. Fantastic defender at 1B, could also play an average 3B if given the chance. Crushing both A and AA this year, but I’d like to see him do it in AAA before giving him a 50 FV.

CL Cesar Marquez, 21, NR OSA, 77 POT, 45 FV - Has the potential for two elite pitches, but it doesn’t show in his performances. Has gotten hit hard in A last year and AA this year. Stamina and movement look good. Velocity is average at best, and will likely keep him from being a top reliever. The control is all projection at this point, and he’s walking way too many batters.

SP Rob Watkins, 25, NR OSA, 32 POT, 45 FV - Another Reds player playing two or three levels below where he should be. Potential for two plus-plus pitches and another above average one. Enough stamina to make a good setup man, the movement and velocity are enough as well. Outside shot at the back-end of a rotation, although setting up Rego is probably his future spot.

#14 - Everett Hawks

11th in OSA's rankings, 2 OSA Top 100 (#13 CF Flores, #18 P Marcus)

CF Sal Flores, 22, #13 OSA, 67 POT, 70 FV - I’ll just post what I said about him when he came out of the draft: “Flores was the most developed hitter in the draft, and has the potential to be one of the best hitters in the game. Flores could probably help a TNBL team right now with his above average power and defending in either corner OF spot. Flores might have the range to play an above average CF, but projects better as a LF capable of winning multiple Gold Glove awards.” This guy’s a stud.

SP Corey Marcus, 24, #18 OSA, 66 POT, 55 FV - Struggling a bit in AAA this year, with a FIP over 4. Walking way too many batters. He’s got the potential to have three elite pitches, although the changeup has a long way to go, especially for a 24 year old. If it doesn’t develop, he’ll make a good reliever, with a fastball that touches 97 with good life. The control is a projection at this point. The injury proneness is also a concern.

SP Javy Acevedo, 23, NR OSA, 56 POT, 50 FV - Didn’t play at all last year for some reason, and that lost year of development seems to have hurt him. He’s struggling this year across AA and AAA. The fastball is already plus-plus with the potential to be one of the best in the game. The splitter is already developed, and could be plus-plus when it’s all said and done. The changeup might get there, but it’s a long ways off. If he fails as a starter, he’ll make a fantastic closer, with a fastball in the triple digits with good movement. Just needs to up his control.

3B Melvin Vallez, 23, NR OSA, 56 POT, 50 FV - His below average eye will keep him from being more than about average. The gap power is already developed, and the HR power seems to be on the way as well. He might hit close to .300 one day. The arm at 3B is elite, although his limited range will keep him from being a great 3B.

SP Jen-Kan Min, 20, NR OSA, 52 POT, 50 FV - Fantastic stuff, with a fastball that touches 97 and a hammer curveball. Both project as elite. Has the chance for a third above average pitch, the cutter. It’s already fairly developed, so I think it’ll get there. The control is all projection at this point, but if it gets there, he’ll be a good starter. If not, he should make for a decent reliever.

CL Mario Ibarra, 22, NR OSA, 71 POT, 50 FV - Has the potential for a plus-plus fastball and elite slider, although the slider has a long way to go. The movement is already developed for a 22 year old, and the control isn’t bad either. The velocity and stamina are both very good. Has the look of a future closer.

SP Ernesto Juarez, 21, NR OSA, 52 POT, 45 FV - Another low-movement guy which will hurt his value. Doesn’t quite have the stuff that Min has, although he could have three plus pitches of his own one day. He needs to be starting, not coming out of the bullpen like he is now, even if his future is as a reliever. Injury concerns and low movement bump him down to a 45 FV.

RF Gerardo Chavez, 23, NR OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - The raw power is there, and it looks like he might’ve tapped into it this year, hitting 8 HRs in 167 ABs. He really should be in AA or higher to accurately scout him. The bat and eye both project as above average, and he should play an average RF. He’s a good starter at best, bench bat at worst.

SP Cheh Shen, 24, NR OSA, 51 POT, 45 FV - Three above average pitches already. The changeup has plus-plus potential. The control is all projection at this point, as he’s walking too many batters. Horrible ERA right now in AAA, although the FIP is a little better. Good stamina and velocity. Might squeak into a rotation one day, or possibly a good reliever.

SP Norm Cassell, 23, NR OSA, 49 POT, 45 FV - The low stamina and underdeveloped slider make me think he’s a future reliever, although he should make a good one. Fastball touches 97, with the fastball and forkball already plus-plus. Movement is good, and control will be. Has pitched very well so far this year, in both AA and AAA.

2B David Quintana, 23, NR OSA, 47 POT, 45 FV - Has the tools to make a good 2B, but has a noodle arm. The contact and gap power are already developed, and the homerun power seems to be on the way to being average. Won’t walk a ton, but won’t strikeout either. Adds some value on the bases.

LF Steve Driscoll, 22, NR OSA, 47 POT, 45 FV - Can’t tell exactly what’s going on with his development. Hasn’t played at all this year, and missed all of 2031 and 2032 for no apparent reason. Has the potential to be a good hitter, with average contact and eye, and good power. One of the better baserunners in the league. Has the tools to play anywhere in the OF. Just needs to be playing more consistently.

CL Ramon Ensenat, 23, NR OSA, 72 POT, 45 FV - Not quite as developed as Ibarra even though he’s a year older. Absolute unit at 6’7 235 lbs, with a fastball that touches 98. Very good stamina as well. Potential for two plus-plus or elite pitches with very good movement. It all just comes down to the control for him. Will probably be setting up for Ibarra in the future.

CL Jose Negron, 22, NR OSA, 67 POT, 45 FV - Definitely the worst of the three closers, fastball tops out at only 95. Control isn’t good and never will be. Movement might be good one day, but it’s just average now. Basically all of his value comes from his near-elite fastball and splitter, which are already developed. Just needs to get his command in order.

SP Chih-Tui Tsu, 23, NR OSA, 25 POT, 45 FV - Has the potential for three elite pitches, with a fourth above average one. Three of them are already plus or better. Fastball touches 98 with very good movement. Low stamina, and combined with his awful control makes him look like a reliever to me. Although he should make for a good one.

RP Lang Choe, 23, NR OSA, 62 POT, 45 FV - Two plus-plus pitches. Fastball touches 98, but the movement is below average. The control is good, with the potential for it to be great. Good stamina as well. Good reliever prospect.

#13 - Italia Stivali

9th in OSA's rankings, 6 OSA Top 100 (#20 C Veldhuis, #39 P Villareal, #45 P Yokoi, #56 3B Morales, #84 P Altieri, #100 CF Varo)

C Nicolaas Veldhuis, 17, #20 OSA, 69 POT, 60 FV - Has the potential to be the best player in the game. Could be about average defensively at the catcher position. Plus everywhere offensively except his eye, which is at best above average. Legit 35+ HR power potential. Struggling mightily in R this year, although he is just 17, so it’s hard to look too far into it. He’s a little too far away to give higher than 60 FV, but he’s one of the few players I could ever see getting an 80.

SP Wilson Villareal, 24, #39 OSA, 62 POT, 55 FV - You have to keep scrolling down on his list of pitches it’s so long, and it seems like all of them are plus. Has the potential for six of them, although the changeup is too far away, and he’s too old already, to take it seriously. The control is the one thing that might hold him back. It’s underdeveloped for his age, and it’s showing in his walk rate this year in AAA. Even so, he’s pitching pretty well in AAA this year, and was good last year in A and AA. If he gets his control issues worked out he’s an ace, otherwise a solid #3.

SP Chiyuu Yokoi, 26, #45 OSA, 48 POT, 40 FV - Not a big fan of his. He’s already 26 and the stuff just isn’t there yet, nor is the command. He doesn’t have the velocity to make up for his lack of them. Hasn’t had a good season in the minors in four years, unless you count the nine BABIP-fueled games this year. He’s got the stamina to start, and theoretically has enough pitches, but he just doesn’t get it done on the mound. He doesn’t have two plus pitches or the velocity to be a good reliever. I just don’t see where his future is for this team. Add in the injury and character concerns, and he’s a mop-up guy at best.

3B Alexis Morales, 23, #56 OSA, 59 POT, 60 FV - Has the tools to make for a very good defensive 3B. The glove is a bit shaky, but the arm more than makes up for it. GOAT-level arm. Has been above average with the bat every year so far in the minors, and he’s been pretty young at each level. The power is mostly projection at this point, but it could be coming around. He hit 15 HRs last year in only 96 games, and is on pace for 12 in 114 this year in AAA. The eye will never be better than average, but he makes decent contact and doesn’t strike out.

SP Gaston Altieri, 24, #84 OSA, 56 POT, 45 FV - Getting destroyed in AAA this year, and got destroyed in AA last year. He’s 24 and the changeup is too far away for me to think it’ll ever come around. Throw in the injury concerns, and I’m skeptical. He’s got the two pitches to make it as a good reliever, and the movement and control are both solid. I think his future is in the bullpen.

CF Enrique Varo, 21, #100 OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - Not really dominating R-ball like you’d expect for a 21 year old. His eye is terribly underdeveloped, and likely will never be better than “bad”. Power potential is there, but it’s still raw. Has 8 career HRs in two years as an overaged R-ball player. Has the tools to stick in CF and play above average defense there. Adds value on the bases as well. He’ll make a TNBL roster one day, but he’ll never be an even average starter.

2B Mike Marquez, 24, NR OSA, 51 POT, 50 FV - Has the tools to be a very good defensive 2B, and might just have enough arm to play SS, although his shaky glove will keep him from being elite anywhere. Scouts don’t think he’ll ever hit for power, although he’s on pace for 18 this year in AAA. Playing very well in AAA this year, as he has basically every year in the minors. Projects for a good bat, good eye, and good defense. Sounds good to me.

SP Jason Donnelly, 24, NR OSA, 52 POT, 50 FV - Has enough decent pitches to make a starter, and the movement and control are good enough as well. The low stamina is a concern. Has dominated hitters in AAA for two years now, although the FIP isn’t as good as his ERA might suggest. If the curveball ever comes around fully, he’ll be a #2 or 3, if not he’ll be a #5. Has the tools to make a very good reliever if he fails as a starter.

SP Carlos Pineda, 26, NR OSA, 36 POT, 45 FV - Potential to be a starter, although the low movement and control make me think reliever. He’s got the two elite pitches you want in a reliever, although the velocity is average at best. The biggest concern for me -- and it’s a big one -- is that he hasn’t pitched in six years. Why, I have no idea. Seems like his potential was wasted, and now he’s likely to end up in the bullpen because of it.

#12 - Seoul Phoenix

18th in OSA's rankings, 4 OSA Top 100 (#7 P Cavazos, #41 P Chavez, #44 CF Garza, #86 RF Othon)

SP Rafael Cavazos, 22, #7 OSA, 71 POT, 75 FV - #1 overall pick in this year’s draft, and one of the best draft prospects in years. 6'3, 210 lb lefty who can touch 101 with his fastball. Projects as a legitimate ace. Four potential above average pitches, with the forkball plus potential and the fastball elite. Fantastic stamina. Everything you want in a SP. At worst, he’ll be one of the top closers in the league. Needs to be starting every five days though - he only has two this year.

SP Will Chavez, 23, #41 OSA, 62 POT, 55 FV - Putting up very good numbers in A, but realistically should be in AAA. If he can perform there, he’ll move up to 60 FV. Three plus pitches already, with the slider a potential fourth. Fastball could be elite. Good velocity, can touch 98 with movement. The control needs to come around, but it looks to be on the way.

CF Alvaro Garza, 19, #44 OSA, 63 POT, 50 FV - Elite raw power, and the contact to back it up. Doesn’t draw walks, but at least he’ll avoid striking out. Fast, and good on the basepaths. Doesn’t quite have the range to play CF, but he’ll make a very good LF. Character concerns and a horrible start to the season in R keep his potential down a bit.

RF Ruben Othon, 21, #86 OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - Has the arm to play RF but not the range. Likely a future DH, but he’s got the bat to do it. Above average everywhere offensively, and already highly developed for a 21 year old. Putting up very good numbers in A. If he can do it in AA, he’ll be 50 FV. If he had a future defensive home, he’d be even higher.

2B Mike Cruz, 24, NR OSA, 51 POT, 55 FV - Has been performing at a high level for four years now. Had an OPS+ of 143 in AAA last year as a 23 year old, and 112 this year as a 24 year old. He won’t wow you in any category, but he’s solid across the board. Plays very good defense at 2B, but doesn’t have the tools to play anywhere else. He’ll be an average TNBL 2B with the potential for even more.

RP Arturo Andrade, 23, NR OSA, 76 POT, 50 FV - He’s been playing well in AAA for four years now. The K/9 isn’t as high as you’d expect someone with his stuff. Velocity isn’t great, but the fastball has a ton of movement, and the curveball could be elite one day. Good stamina. If the control comes around, he’ll be an innings-eating monster out of the bullpen.

2B Takekazu Fukushima, 21, NR OSA, 49 POT, 45 FV - Playing well in AA this year after struggling to adjust to the competition last year. Another guy without a true plus tool, and instead relies on his all around game and consistent play. Very good defender at 2B, although his noodle arm will hold him back from the upper tier of defenders.

CF Maup Kramer, 25, NR OSA, 46 POT, 45 FV - Finally playing up to the level scouts believed he could after struggling the past two years in AAA. Seoul must really love all-around players, since he’s another one. Fantastic runner, and has the range to stick in CF, although his arm will keep him from being a plus defender there. Has the look of a 4th outfielder for most teams, although the bat might be enough for him to start for some.

SP Danny Vasquez, 18, NR OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - Potential for three plus pitches, although the changeup needs work, as does his command. Two fairly developed pitches already. Velocity isn’t great, so it’s most likely SP or bust for him. Seems like a 50/50 shot at this point. Struggling a bit in R-ball, but his FIP is decent and he’s still very young.

SP Jonathan Gallo, 21, NR OSA, 41 POT, 45 FV - A future late-innings reliever. Two potential plus-plus pitches, with the curveball being absolutely killer. Good velocity and stamina. Movement is already there, and the control is coming along. He’s destroying R ball as you’d expect a 21 year old to do. If he can do it in AA, he’s 50 FV or higher.

#11 - Philadelphia Phillies

14th in OSA's rankings, 4 OSA Top 100 (#26 P Lewis, #60 P Emery, #67 P Ortiz, #95 P Lawrence)

SP David Lewis, 20, #26 OSA, 64 POT, 60 FV - Already has two plus pitches, with another well on its way. The fastball and slider are projected to be elite. Average velocity with good movement. The control is a ways off still, but it’s about where you’d expect for a 20 year old. Honestly, the only thing that will keep him from being a future #1 is his injury proneness. He’s 60 FV, with a good shot at being higher.

SP Jack Emery, 21, #60 OSA, 56 POT, 60 FV - Three average or better pitches. Potential for four of them to be plus, with an elite fastball. Movement is a good, control is getting there. Stamina might hold him back from being a workhorse, but he’s got ace potential if the changeup comes around. If not, he’ll be a #3 or 4 starter. Could also be a lockdown reliever someday with his fastball touching 97.

SP Danny Ortiz, 21, #67 OSA, 56 POT, 50 FV - Struggling a bit in S A as a 21 year old. Like Emery, he has four potential plus pitches, although he doesn’t have the elite fastball like Emery does. Movement is ok, control will be good. Fastball sits in the low-to-mid 90s, so he doesn’t have the same floor of a top reliever as Emery. Should make for a #3 someday.

SP Glenn Lawrence, 24, #95 OSA, 55 POT, 60 FV - Pitching well so far in AAA. All three of his pitches are already plus, with the changeup in particular being an elite pitch. The low movement might keep him from being an ace, but he’s got the stuff and command to be a #2 on most staffs. Good velocity and stamina. Could make a great reliever, as well.

SP Marcos Orona, 23, NR OSA, 48 POT, 55 FV - Fastball touches 96 as a sidearm thrower. Fastball is already elite, slider might get there as well, and the splitter is already plus. The control is the biggest concern, although he’s not walking too many batters. Having himself a very good year in AA, although the FIP is a bit higher than the sterling ERA.

CL Kristopher Thompson, 22, NR OSA, 70 POT, 50 FV - Fastball touches 98 with decent movement. Potential for two elite pitches, and both are already above average. The control might hold him back from being one of the top relievers, but he’s got everything else you’d want. Good stamina. Looks like a future closer to me.

CF Alex Espinoza, 20, NR OSA, 49 POT, 45 FV - Too many holes in his swing to be above average offensively. Would be surprised if he ever hits one out, and the below-average eye doesn’t help. Will be a good contact hitter, and will hit a ton of doubles. Good one the basepaths. Potential to be an elite defensive CF or Gold Glove winning RF. Defense and baserunning give him a high floor, bad bat gives him a low ceiling.

LF Omar Moran, 20, NR OSA, 49 POT, 45 FV - Some of the highest power potential around, and it’s already showing in games. Will never be more than average making contact or drawing walks, and will strike out way too much to make an elite hitter. Defensively below average in the outfield, at best he’s an average LF. No speed whatsoever.

1B Kevin Tramonte, 22, NR OSA, 50 POT, 45 FV - Batting profile looks solid. Potential for plus bat, gap power, and HR power, with the gap power already being there, and the bat and power aren’t far behind. Won’t walk much, but won’t die by the strikeout either. Can’t run at all. Plays a good first base, although that’s the only place he’ll ever play.

LF Javier Rodriguez, 24, NR OSA, 35 POT, 45 FV - Defensive stud in the outfield. Can play an elite CF, or multiple-Gold-Glove-winning LF/RF. Adds tremendous value on the basepaths as well. Batting profile doesn’t blow you away, although he doesn’t have any holes either. Solid across the board. Performing very well in AAA, would be on pace for 20+ HRs if he were playing every day. Performed well last year in AA, too.