KC Swaps Stud Second Baseman for Trio of Prospects from Myrtle Beach
The Mermen look towards the championship, while the Centaurs embrace the rebuild.

The Kansas City Centaurs have sent second baseman Danny Alejandre to the Myrtle Beach Mermen for SP Roger Kruis, SP David Martinez, and CF Julio Lopez.

Kansas City and Myrtle Beach make sense as trading partners. Myrtle Beach is having a fantastic season but definitely needed an extra infield bat. Kansas City has already shipped Robert Figueora and Bengt van Noort for prospects, and Alejandre was next on the chopping block. Ultimately, they were able to help each other out.

Kansas City was looking for quality over quantity in terms of prospects, and Roger Kruis was the best prospect they were offered. Kruis is a bit of a late bloomer at 26, but he is still developing well. Lopez and Martinez are more lottery ticket type prospects but should help fill out the Centaurs' farm system. The rebuild is in full swing in Kansas City, and Wladimir van 't Klooster is next up to be traded. Keep an eye on this team for future deals.

Myrtle Beach come away with a good infield bat without losing their star prospect Thurman Tyler. Ultimately Alejandre should be able to hit for contact and some power while adequately holding down 2nd base. The Mermen might want to try to get another bat, but most likely they will stand pat. Either way, watch out for this team to make a deep run in the playoffs and reclaim the trophy.

According to one league source, Cloud City and Cincinnati both submitted offers for Alejandre, but KC ultimately went with Myrtle Beach's.