2034 Minor League System Rankings: #10 - #6
Cave Dameron's minor league system rankings for 2034: the not-quite-elite tier.
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#10 - St. Louis Cardinals

3rd in OSA’s rankings, 4 OSA Top 100 (#11 CF Weaver, #43 P Simrell, #51 RF Marmol, #52 P Lopez)

CF Archie Weaver, 20, #11 OSA, 67 POT, 60 FV - Tearing it up in R ball this year after struggling a bit last year. Gap power is already very developed for his age, and it’s showing in the doubles he’s hitting. His eye is bad which limits his future value, although his contact looks good and he won’t strike out too often. Certainly has the range and glove to stick in CF, although the arm will keep him from being great there. Adds value on the bases. Will likely steal 20+ times a season.

SP Tim Simrell, 21, #43 OSA, 60 POT, 55 FV - Already has the two average-or-better pitches and has the potential for two more plus-plus ones. Even if only one of them develops fully, that’s plenty. His movement is only average, but the control and stuff both project as plus. He’s struggling a bit so far in S A, which is a concern for a 21 year old. The injury history is a concern as well. Could be a future #2 or 3, although it’s more likely he ends up as a #4.

RF Mel Marmol, 23, #51 OSA, 61 POT, 60 FV - Destroyed A in his two months there to start the season, but I wish he were in AA. Offensively he’s plus across the board, with plus-plus power potential. He’s already very developed as well. He’s got one of the better arms in the game, although his average range and terrible glove will prevent him from being good defensively. Has the look of a very good player.

RP Alfredo Lopez, 23, #52 OSA, 63 POT, 55 FV - Certainly has some interesting potential, but he’s 23 and his control is way underdeveloped. I don’t think it’ll ever get to average, let alone to where OSA is projecting it. He’s only pitched in two innings this year, and didn’t pitch at all last year. That’s going to hurt his development for sure. He’s got the velocity and movement, as well as the two pitches, to make it as a good reliever, but I’m not so sure he makes it. EDIT: Lopez is also a decent batting prospect. He's got the arm and range to stick at SS, but he won't win any awards there. His bat projects as above average, and it's highly developed already. The power is still a bit underdeveloped, but he's showing signs of it finally developing this year. He is struggling to make contact this year in AA, though, which is concerning for a 23 year old. Thankfully he's still drawing walks. Originally I had him rated as a 45 FV player only considering his pitching. Taking his high floor as a hitter into account, I'll bump him up to a 55 FV. If he starts performing in AA as a batter, and if he actually gets some innings as a pitcher, he's got the potential to go up to 60 FV.

SP Koki Hamasaki, 24, NR OSA, 52 POT, 50 FV - Three plus pitches already. The changeup will never get there as he’s already 24 and it hasn’t even started developing. The control still has a long way to go as well. Below average movement. None of those things seem to be affecting him in his performances, though, as he’s pitching very well in AAA, and did so last year as well.

CL Jonathan Bernal, 21, NR OSA, 80 POT, 50 FV - Potential for nasty stuff. Movement is fantastic, and is mostly already developed. The control is a ways off and is a bit of a concern. His velocity and stamina give him the look of a future closer. He just needs to be pitching more often in the minors.

SP Tim Watson, 25, NR OSA, 46 POT, 50 FV - Already has four plus pitches, and two of them could be plus-plus. He throws 96 mph from sidearm, with good stamina and movement. He’s 25 so the control might never make it, although it is already average. Has performed very well in his starts this year in AAA, as he has almost every year in the minors. He’ll make it into the back end of a rotation at least.

C Franklin Sotelo, 21, NR OSA, 48 POT, 45 FV - I like his tools at the catcher position, especially for his age. I think he could develop into a very good defensive catcher. Grades out as mostly average with the bat, although he should hit a ton of doubles. Has jumped between AAA and S A this year, which might be causing him some problems adjusting, as he’s performed poorly at both levels.

C Mike George, 21, NR OSA, 46 POT, 45 FV - Probably has the tools to make a good defensive catcher as well, although average is more likely. The big draw for him is his eye, which projects as elite. It’s already average too at only 21 years old, as is the power. He’ll never hit more than .250, but he’ll draw enough walks to make up for it.

2B Yasuji Ogata, 23, NR OSA, 45 POT, 45 FV - He’s a good defender at 2B. Won’t win awards, but solid. Also has the tools to play anywhere in the OF, although he’s getting old to be learning an entirely new trade. He adds a ton of value on the bases. The bat mostly projects as average, although he’s playing very well so far in AAA at a relatively young age.

#9 - Texas Stars

10th in OSA’s rankings, 5 OSA Top 100 (#9 P Arsenault, #42 CF Gatica, #71 P Munoz, #94 P Ventura, #98 P Salgado)

SP Darrel Arsenault, 22, #9 OSA, 67 POT, 65 FV - My second ranked player coming out of this year’s draft. Doesn’t quite have the ceiling that Cavazos has, but he’s already more developed at a younger age. He’s got two plus pitches already, with a third that’s almost average, so he’ll make it as a starter even if the changeup doesn’t develop. But if it does, he’s a legitimate ace. Fastball touches 97 with good movement and very good control. Stamina is good enough, and he’s a fantastic defender, to boot. Ace ceiling, #3 floor.

CF Angel Gatica, 24, #42 OSA, 64 POT, 60 FV - Third overall pick in last year’s draft. Legit five-tool prospect, although he’s not quite elite in any one category, just solid all around. The arm isn’t fantastic and would play best in LF, although he’s got the range and glove for center. The major concern with him is his playing time. Only played half a season last year in S A as a 23 year old, and this year only has three starts in AAA at 24. Reminds me a lot of Vinson’s Gabe Rojas, another five-tool, above-average-in-everything guy. Gatica’s better power moves him above Rojas for me, but it’s not by much.

SP Juan Munoz, 22, #71 OSA, 56 POT, 55 FV - Has the potential for four plus pitches, and they’re all highly developed for his age. Changeup has elite potential. The movement is fine, and the control is getting there. Two major concerns with him: isn’t starting at all this year and has reported character concerns. He’s handled AAA pretty well for being 22, albeit in a limited role.

SP Eddie Ventura, 25, #94 OSA, 50 POT, 50 FV - Has two elite pitches with an outside shot for a third. Normally that’d make for an ace, but Ventura lacks the control needed to be viewed as such. The walk rate does seem to be improving year-by-year, but it’s hard to tell since he’s not getting consistent playing time. At almost 26 years old, I think he’s pretty much done developing, and he’s got the look of a decent bullpen piece to me.

SP Alfredo Salgado, 21, #98 OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - Below average movement and control, and the velocity isn’t great either. Has three developed pitches, but none of them are plus just yet. If he can develop the splitter and forkball, he’ll make for a fine reliever. I just don’t see him being any more than that.

SP Abel Bongers, 18, NR OSA, 46 POT, 45 FV - What a name. Has an outside shot at three plus pitches, although two seems more likely. The stuff and movement are already fairly developed for his age, and the velocity and stamina aren’t bad either. Has put up a solid year so far in R. Looks like a future back-of-the-rotation starter or a decent middle reliever.

RF Luis Rodriguez, 25, NR OSA, 39 POT, 45 FV - Can’t deny he’s got tremendous power. Had 30 homers last year in AA and might do it again this year in AAA even though he hasn’t started every day. Absolutely destroying AAA with an OPS of .893. Defensively, projects as a good RF with a strong arm and average range. Adds value on the bases as well, and is an efficient, if not prolific, stealer.

CF Bob Boutilier, 24, NR OSA, 38 POT, 45 FV - Another guy tearing the cover off the ball in AAA. Legit 20/20 guy if he’s starting every day. His bad eye will keep him from ever being above average, but he could be a 2 WAR player one day. Has the tools to play a good LF, and adds some value on the bases as well.

RP Fernando Soriano, 22, NR OSA, 80 POT, 45 FV - Fastball touches 99 with good life. Potential for plus movement and above-average control. Already has two average pitches, with the cutter potentially being one of the best pitches in the game. Doesn’t have the stamina to be an every-day fireman or similar, but he’ll be a good reliever one day. His performance so far in A is concerning, and knocks him down from 50 FV to 45.

#8 - Baton Rouge Red Sticks

7th in OSA’s rankings, 5 OSA Top 100 (#16 LF Voigt, #21 2B Dunsmore, #24 P Covarrubias, #36 CF Barboza, #54 SS Arias)

LF Robin Voigt, 26, #16 OSA, 54 POT, 55 FV - Basically a lock to be an average player in TNBL, but the ceiling isn’t much higher. His eye will keep him from being great, and his power is almost entirely projection at this point. He’s already 26, so I’m not sure it’ll ever develop at this point. He has the tools to make an average LF, but that’s the only position he’ll ever play. He’s a decent baserunner. Putting up good numbers in AAA this year, maybe it’s a sign his power will come around, but more likely just a hot streak.

2B Aaron Dunsmore, 22, #21 OSA, 66 POT, 60 FV - I thought he was a steal at #18 overall in this year’s draft. Thought he should’ve gone in the top ten. He’s got the tools to be one of the best defensive 2B in the league, although his arm will keep him from playing anywhere else at a high level. He’s got the potential to be plus everywhere with the bat, and he’ll add value on the bases as well. Interestingly, he’s already been traded straight up for I guy I liked less in Brent Weeks. I think Dunsmore has the higher floor and ceiling, although Weeks does have the ability to play SS which Dunsmore does not.

SP Enrique Covarrubias, 20, #24 OSA, 64 POT, 60 FV - This guy’s potential is off the charts. Potentially three plus-plus pitches with another plus one. The fastball is already well on its way, and could be elite one day, and the forkball is average, but the other two are a concern, specifically the changeup. I don’t think it ever gets there, but he’ll still have three good pitches if that happens. Movement’s fine, the big worry is his control which is nowhere near good enough. He’s got a legitimate ace ceiling, but a mid-rotation starter is more likely. Could also close.

CF Carlos Barboza, 21, #36 OSA, 62 POT, 55 FV - Has the tools to excel in CF. The arm will keep him from Londono territory, but he’ll be one of the better ones. His eye is bad, and it’ll limit his value. Otherwise, the bat looks very good. He’s got plus potential in everything, and the power looks like it’s a lock to develop. He’s only 21 and is already has tons of gap power. He’ll add value as a very good stealer. Looks like a lock to be an average starter, if not better.

SS Donaldo Arias, 24, #54 OSA, 58 POT, 45 FV - Has the range to stick at short, although the arm is a slight concern. He could also play anywhere in the OF. The average eye and power will limit his value. Looks to be more of a doubles hitter. Hasn’t performed well in AAA this year, and wasn’t very good last year in AA either. At 24, I’m not sure his power or contact will ever develop.

SP Alex Lopez, 18, NR OSA, 55 POT, 50 FV - Already throws 97 mph as an 18 year old, with good movement. The control is obviously all projection at this point. He has the potential for three plus-plus to elite pitches, although only the fastball is remotely close at this point. I think it’s a very real possibility he ends up as a reliever. He does have the potential to make it as a #2 starter, although back of the rotation is more reasonable.

CF Dong-Choon Chung, 24, NR OSA, 52 POT, 50 FV - Has the tools to play anywhere on the field at a high level. Could win Gold Gloves in LF. He’s also one of the best baserunners around. Defensive versatility and baserunning keep his floor extremely high. With the bat, he’s average. The eye is bad, but the contact and low strikeout rate should keep that from being too big of an issue. The power will never be more than average. Looks like a future super-utility player to me.

CF/SP Gerardo Novoa, 21, NR OSA, 49 POT, 50 FV - As a hitter, he’ll never be more than average. His eye is horrible and he has average at best power. He does avoid strikeouts like a champ, and he’ll likely hit a ton of doubles. Could play anywhere in the outfield, and maybe an acceptable 3B as well. His true value for me comes from his pitching, where he’s got six potentially plus pitches. Three of them are already average, and he’s only 21. Fastball hits 97 with decent movement, and the control looks like it’s coming around.

SP Rafael Alvarado, 20, NR OSA, 51 POT, 45 FV - If his changeup ever develops, he’ll have four average+ pitches. It’s far away at this point, but he’s only 20 so there’s time. Has the potential for an elite slider, and it’s pretty close already. Fastball touches 97 with decent movement, and he’s got good control as well. He can make it as a mid-rotation starter or a very good reliever.

SP Ron Miller, 23, NR OSA, 46 POT, 45 FV - A 6’7 knuckleballer doesn’t seem fair. The knuckleball is elite and could still improve. In case the knuckleball isn’t working, he’s got two averageish pitches to get through a few innings before being pulled. If he improves his control, he could be a #3, although I think it’s more likely he’s a back-end starter.

SP Yoshimochi Takaoka, 23, NR OSA, 44 POT, 45 FV - His changeup is still developing at this point, but if it gets there, he’s got three plus-plus pitches. If it doesn’t he’s a very good reliever. Fastball touches 96 from sidearm with good movement. The control needs to improve. He’s got middle of the rotation potential, although I think back-end or reliever is more likely.

CL Gareth Boyer, 26, NR OSA, 60 POT, 45 FV - Potentially two elite pitches, although he’s 26 so I doubt the cutter ever gets there. Still, he’s got good velocity with good movement, decent enough control, and the stamina to go a few innings. I don’t think he’s a future closer, but he’s got the potential to make a good bullpen piece.

CL Jesus Carbajal, 21, NR OSA, 72 POT, 50 FV - Future closer. Fastball touches 99 with decent movement. Has the potential for one of the best fastballs in the game, and a plus-plus slider as well. Has enough stamina to go multiple innings. Needs to work on his control, he’s walking too many guys in A.

#7 - Portland Beavers

8th in OSA’s rankings, 7 OSA Top 100 (#19 P Pelaez, #30 P Caron, #35 P Leal, #37 P Rubio, #61 P Serrano, #69 1B Iwamura, #97 C Gonzalez)

SP Hector Pelaez, 20, #19 OSA, 64 POT, 60 FV - Has the potential for three plus-plus pitches. The changeup is a ways off, but he’s still only 20. Has been pitching very well in A so far this year. His control and movement are very developed for his age. Great velocity and stamina. It all comes down to the changeup development with him. If it develops, he’s a #2. If not, he’s a very good reliever. The changeup has shown some development recently, which is a good sign for his future.

SP Dave Caron, 25, #30 OSA, 56 POT, 55 FV - Game changing breaking ball, and two more plus pitches as well. He’s pretty much a finished product, although his control can still improve a bit. If it does, he could be a #2 or 3 starter, if not he’s a back of the rotation guy. I think the latter is more likely, but there’s still a good chance for the former. If he does move to the bullpen, he has the makings of one of the best firemen in the league. Has stamina for days, and can strikeout the side after coming in with the bases loaded.

SP Jordan Leal, 19, #35 OSA, 64 POT, 60 FV - He’s only 19, but has a long way to go. The control has plus-plus potential, but it’s not even close right now. His movement is already developed, which is a good sign. If he gets the knucklecurve to develop, he could be a #2. The only thing keeping him from ace territory would be his below-average velocity. If the third pitch doesn’t develop, his floor isn’t all that high. He doesn’t have the two elite pitches you want in a good reliever.

RP Miguel Rubio, 23, #37 OSA, 78 POT, 55 FV - One of the more polished reliever prospects out there. He’s got the velocity and stamina you’d like to see, and the movement and control are there as well. He’s actually got the potential to have four average or better pitches one day, giving him the upside of a #1 starter, though not quite elite level. The start to the season in AAA is not promising, however. He’s only striking out 5 per 9, which is extremely low for someone with his stuff.

SP Jesus Serrano, 22, #61 OSA, 60 POT, 55 FV - Portland truly is knock-off Seattle in every way, including the hoarding pitching prospects. This one’s got #2 or 3 potential, but he’s not very developed for his age. I think #4 starter is about his ceiling. Might get four plus pitches one day, but the changeup isn’t particularly close. He’s pitched well so far this year, albeit in S A as a 22 year old.

1B Tadami Iwamura, 20, #69 OSA, 52 POT, 50 FV - Has the potential to be plus everywhere with the bat, and he’ll make a very good defensive 1B as well. Surprisingly fast, and will steal his fair share of bases. Projects for 18 this year in R, which would be 36 in a full season. He has the tools to be better than bad at basically every position, giving him some value as a superutility guy. I think that’s where his future lies, although he’s got the potential to be a very good hitting 1B.

C Salvador Gonzalez, 26, #97 OSA, 47 POT, 50 FV - He’s already 26 so he’s probably done developing. He might learn the catcher position a bit more and become a very good defensive catcher, although his arm will keep him from being among the elite. Projects as above average-to-plus everywhere with the bat except for his contact ability, but that’s mitigated somewhat with his very good eye. Will hit 20+ homers and maintain a high OBP while adding value on defense. That makes for an average or better catcher to me.

RP Pedro Landa, 22, NR OSA, 77 POT, 45 FV - Potential for two elite pitches, and they’re already close. The movement is there as well. Velocity is top-notch, with the fastball hitting triple digits. The stamina isn’t what you’d hope for in a stud closer, but he should make for a very good reliever. The big concerns are the bad control and character concerns.

#6 - Disney Magic

2nd in OSA’s rankings, 6 OSA Top 100 (#3 P Kuwabara, #5 P Valdes, #33 3B Corya, #38 CF Zhang, #40 3B Trewartha, #87 P de Best)

SP Kazumi Kuwabara, 21, #3 OSA, 71 POT, 60 FV - I wasn’t too high on him coming out of the draft, as I thought his small size would affect his velocity as he ages. Not much has changed there. His movement is developed, and his control is on the way. He’s got the potential for four plus-plus pitches, although three is more likely. Fastball touches 99 with good stamina. Definitely has ace potential, but I think he’s a #2 at best.

SP Antonio Valdes, 21, #5 OSA, 70 POT, 55 FV - His changeup has developed a little, but not in 6 months. He’s only 21 so he’s got plenty of time, but it’s concerningly low right now. The movement is average, but it’s already developed. He should have good control in the future. The fastball touches 97, and he has good stamina. If all three pitches develop to their potential, he’s an ace. I think it’s more likely he’s a #3 or 4, if not a closer.

3B Bill Corya, 20, #33 OSA, 64 POT, 55 FV - Has one of the best arms in the game, but he doesn’t have the range or glove to be a great defensive 3B. Offensively, he’s got an average bat with enormous power potential. It’s mostly projection at this point, but the doubles he’s hitting are a good sign that it’s coming eventually. He could have a very good eye when he’s developed. I’ll need to see him perform better before giving him 60 FV or higher, as he’s struggled in R-ball for three straight years.

CF Tak-keung Zhang, 18, #38 OSA, 63 POT, 60 FV - Has the tools to play a very good CF, if not quite elite. He’ll steal a few bases as well. Might be legally blind. At least he should make decent contact and hit a few homers. The power is extremely developed for an 18 year old. He’s absolutely destroyed R-ball for two years in a row now. If he doesn’t stop striking out, I’ll be more concerned about him, but scouts seem to think he should as he ages.

3B Brent Trewartha, 19, #40 OSA, 62 POT, 60 FV - Very similar batting profile to Zhang. I guess Hershey’s GM liked the blind power bats. Liked is probably an understatement, given what he paid. Anyway, the arm is elite, and he’s got the range and glove to be one of the best 3B in the game. He could also stick at SS, which adds to his value for me. Power isn’t quite as good as Zhang and is nowhere near as developed. Projects to be more of a OBP guy where Zhang will be the slugger. High floor because of the defense, very good potential with the bat.

SP Stef De Best, 21, #87 OSA, 54 POT, 50 FV - Looks like he’ll end up with three plus pitches. Velocity is average, as is movement. At least the stamina is fantastic. The control might be good one day but it’s got a long way to go. Reportedly horrible character. Has the potential to be a #3, but I think back of the rotation is more likely.

SP Rey Cardenas, 21, NR OSA, 54 POT, 55 FV - Has the potential for five plus pitches, although I think 3 and an average one is more likely. Velocity is fantastic, touches 100 with good movement, but low stamina. The control is mostly projection. If he doesn’t make it, it’ll be because of that or the stamina. Has the potential to be an ace, but I think it’s more likely his a mid-rotation starter. Could also end up as a very good closer.

SP Ennio Fioravanti, 19, NR OSA, 53 POT, 45 FV - Could end up with three plus-plus pitches. The changeup hasn’t even started developing yet, so maybe that’s a bit of a reach. The movement will never be average, but the control looks to be very good. His velocity isn’t great, but he’s got very good stamina. If the changeup develops, he’s a #3 or 4. If not, his floor is very low.

SP Akitada Okada, 20, NR OSA, 48 POT, 45 FV - Pitching very well so far this year in R. He’s also a bit short for a pitcher: 5’10. That concerns me as regards to his high velocity as he ages. He’s got the stamina to start, it all just comes down to the changeup developing. If it doesn’t, he’s got a decent future in the bullpen. If it does, he’s a #4 or 5 starter.

LF Jose Grajeda, 23, NR OSA, 40 POT, 55 FV - Massive power, and it’s already developed. He’s on pace to hit 41 HRs in just 112 games this year in AA, with a cool OPS of 1.052. His bat and eye will never be above average, but who cares with that power. He’s got the tools to win Gold Gloves in LF, or play an above average CF. He’s also one of the best baserunners around. Give me a year in AAA of these same numbers and I’ll bump him up to 60 FV.