Indy Intro: TNBL, Welcome Johnny TinCap!
Johnny TinCap interviews new TinCaps GM, Brian Duggan.

I don't like to write, but in another league I was in, I was the Indianapolis TinCaps. The team was so bad for many years due to poor trades, failure to sign draft picks and good free agents. I think the team was so bad they had the #1 pick two seasons in a row. During the bad seasons, I decided to have fun and I tried to make Johnny TinCap larger than life. He had an opinion on everything TinCap. He was GM Duggan's biggest critic in that league. I would like to believe he was well loved by all in the league. It's been a while since I wrote anything Johnny TinCap. I hope that over time, he goes over well here.

Greetings, Johnny TinCap here. I will be reporting on the Indianapolis TinCaps. First order of business: a talk with GM Brian Duggan.

Mr. Duggan, it's good to see you again. Why did you tell Mr. Ricketts that Disney was not a good place for the team?

Well, Johnny, Disney is known as the happiest place on Earth. Hard to run a team under everyone being potentially happy. I remember the experiences in Indy over the years, and I believe the team could grow better in Indy. Can't be any worse, since Disney hasn't hit .500 in years. If there is no improvement with the new location, I expect the honest criticism that I know you will provide.

Mr. Duggan, what do you like about the TinCaps?

Johnny, I am not used to this but this team is loaded with prospects. Because of the prospects, I need to take it easy with my quick trigger when making trades.

Mr. Duggan, what is your biggest detriment to running the TinCaps?

Johnny, call me Brian, Mr. Duggan is my father. My biggest detriment to running the TinCaps is having Multiple Sclerosis. MS makes it hard at times to run the team the way they should be run.

Brian, what are your goals in next 3 years?

Johnny, My goals are .500 next season, playoffs in 2 seasons. Need to go for it early or we will fall behind.

Thanks Brian for your time.