Official Statement to the Press
A statement by the Cleveland Indians about the future of the franchise.

Cleveland, Ohio

Press release from team owner Joel Thompson and general manager Patrick Pagé.

Team owner Joel Thompson has been disappointed with the state of the franchise, making the playoffs twice in the team's six-year history - and are set to miss the playoffs again this season. This was made apparent when a new manager, Patrick Pagé was signed mid-season to turn things around. The manager has sold assets to strengthen the farm and prepare for a rebuild. Thompson has been convinced that a major change is needed for the franchise to turn things around. Thoughts of a rebrand swirled around the league, but Thompson rejected the idea knowing that change was already made - from crap to racism, something bigger had to be done. The Cleveland Indians will be shutting down operations in the city of Cleveland and relocating the team.

Many relocation options were presented to Thompson from city councils across North America, but one proposal stood above the others. The city of Toronto has been chosen as the relocation destination for the franchise. The presentation was a joint bid from the city of Toronto and other major Canadian cities, in an attempt to grow the game of baseball in Canada. Thompson has also invested in a spring training facility in Cocoa Beach, Florida that will be home to the franchise's rookie league team.

Rookie League - Cocoa Beach Voyagers

The Mahoning Valley Scrappers will be moving to Cocoa Beach, Florida. The team's name derives from the Kennedy Space Centre located in Cocoa Beach. Here is a preview of the logo.

Low A - Winnipeg Falcons

The Lake County Captains will be closing operations and heading to Winnipeg. Here is a preview of the logo.

A - Vancouver Grizzlies

The Lynchburg Hillcats will be moving west to Vancouver and be named the Grizzlies, an homage to the former NBA franchise. Here is a preview of the logo.

AA - Montreal Lake Monsters

The Akron Rubber Ducks will be moving north to Montreal. The team name comes from the cities proximity to the Saint Lawrence River and the sea life within it. Here is a preview of the logo.

AAA - Ottawa Lumberjacks

The Columbus Clippers are shutting their doors and moving to Ottawa. Ottawa is a city that was built by lumberjacks and picked the name accordingly. Here is a preview of the logo.

TNBL - Toronto Huskies

The ninth largest city in North America gets a baseball team. The team has been named the Huskies as an homage to the former basketball team. Here is a preview of the logo.