Brooklyn Rebrand Announcement
An official statement from the General Manager of the Brooklyn franchise.

When Brooklyn started looking for a new general manager many sources around the league anticipated that with this new crop of young players they would also attempt to relocate the franchise in an attempt to get a fresh start. The Brooklyn front office largely kept quiet on the topic until this past week when they announced they were merely rebranding the franchise. At the press announcement the GM was quoted with saying “We couldn’t leave the fine people of Brooklyn, not with how loyal they have been to us through thick and thin. Now we’re going to bring a championship back to the best fans in the game.”

As of today, the former Brooklyn Patsies will now be called the Brooklyn White Sharks. The team will also be changing its primary colors. The White Sharks will now use navy blue, gray and white; whereas the Patsies had the rather odd assortment of green, red, black and even a dark purple. When interviewing fans after the release they seemed most excited about transitioning to more attractive uniforms. While the uniforms will not be released to the public for several more days, rumors of a green throwback uniform to pay tribute to the Patsies has the fans most excited.

After the press conference, reporters approached Brooklyn’s GM and asked him about the new team relocating to the Bronx, he responded with “Yes I welcome the challenge of another team in New York, it could create another big rivalry in the league. But am I scared? Absolutely not, the people of New York know who the real team in this city is, and that team doesn't call themselves the ‘Bombers.’” It should be an exciting series whenever these teams get their first Battle for New York and rematch since Brooklyn’s storied postseason was thwarted by the eventual league champions.

The teams in the White Sharks' minor league system will remain the same for the upcoming season.