The Divinitive Guide to the First Round of the Roy Halladay Classic
What will happen in the first game of Mexico vs. Japan.

For some reason I have the ability to simulate games for the tournament. (Note: this does not affect the league file!) Here is a recap of what is about to happen.

Game 1 Mexico vs Japan

The first thing to note is that while Mexico leads off with ace Tony Torres, Japan has decided to go with Reizo Eguchi as their first starter. Better known as the 33 year old mediocre lefty specialist for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Eguchi was seemingly able to leverage his Yakuza contacts to give himself the number 1 spot in Japan's rotation. Many people betting on Japan to win on the back of their elite SP are absolutely furious.

Despite his woeful stamina Eguchi somehow manages to go 6.2 innings allowing only 1 run mostly thanks to Mexico hitting into a double play in a record 7 consecutive innings. Offensively for Mexico the only player to have a good performance is Danny Gonzales who has gone 2 for 2 with two doubles and an RBI halfway through the game. For Mexico Torres has pitched mostly well keeping the game close only trailing 2-1 to Japan.

Heading into the ninth inning Japan still holds a narrow 2-1 lead thanks to the clutch go ahead RBI double from ex-portland 3B Sugio "0.174 avg" Hotsuda. Top 9th with two outs and a runner on 1st, Danny Gonzales steps to the plate to try and keep hope alive for Mexico. Obviously he delivers. He is Danny Gonzales. Hitting the ball into the gap to easily score the tying run, Danny then continues on to 3rd because he's an idiot and gets thrown out for the last out of the inning. But the damage was done.

Heartbroken, Japan no longer bothered with getting hits and waited for Mexico to take the lead. But Mexico had no answer for closer Sadakazu Kaneshiro. Incensed by his blown save he refuses to leave the mound, throwing 97 mph fastballs at his manager when he attempted to pull him. Kaneshiro pitches for 4 more innings without allowing a run.

Finally in the bottom of the 14th Seattle's star closer prospect Jonathan Alcaron would walk the bases loaded to give 1B Ginjiro Shimabukoro a chance to win it with a single. He does. Japan is jubilant. Starting Reizo Eguchi is lauded as a brilliant decision. Katagiri, Hamada and Immamura beat him in the parking lot the next day.

Final score: Japan 3 - Mexico 2