Official Statement to the Press
An official statement from the General Manager of the Vinson Emperors.

The Vinson Emperors announced their intentions to sell their current core on Tuesday night following their dramatic loss to the Philadelphia Phillies in the first round of the playoffs.

“We’ve had a historic eight year run,” Emperors GM said. “But it’s clear that it’s time for a change of pace.”

After eight years of making the playoffs and contending for titles, the Emps will hit the pause button in favor of a brighter future.

“We could have brought this team back for another 90-win season in 2036, but at what cost? Our core isn’t getting any younger, and wholesale changes are needed before we can make it to the top of the mountain.”

Following eight years of success, the Emperors leave a legacy that includes being one of two franchises to make the playoffs in every year. The Emperors are also second all time in wins, with 806.

But despite the undeniable regular season success, Vinson has struggled mightily in October. The franchise has yet to appear in a World Series and has been repeatedly upset in the playoffs by inferior or more inexperienced rosters.

Vinson has numerous assets that could be valuable to contending teams next season, namely Corey Cooper, Robin Gordon, Jonathan Ochoa, Stewart Woodger, Alberto Barreras and Warren Walsh, among others.

Depending on how the offseason goes, Vinson may attempt to nab one of the final 12 playoff spots next season with a slew of veterans on one year deals.

“But if it takes one or two years of incompetence to reach our ultimate goals, then that is what it will take,” Emperors GM added.