Huskies Present New GM to Assembled Media
An interview with the new General Manager of the Toronto Huskies - Nigel Laverick.
September 28th, 2037

Today, we would like to introduce our new GM who will take us forward through the last of the 30’s and hopefully into the 40’s. You might well not have heard of him, he’s mainly been the GM in several other top leagues, but I’m optimistic he can put the Huskies back on track and have us closer to challenging for the post season. So, without any further ado, here’s the Toronto Huskies new GM – Nigel Laverick.

"Hi, I’m pleased to be here in such a good city as Toronto. To be honest there’s not a lot I can say about the team in particular at the moment as I only arrived in Canada yesterday from my home in England. I have noticed though that the team obviously needs a bit of TLC, when I was introduced to the players yesterday, I noticed that a lot of them were really exhausted. They’ve been playing a long, long season without the availabilities of many back-ups. So, I’ve called up several players from Ottawa to help them over the last eight games of this season, we’re not going anywhere in those eight games, so I feel happy inserting several of the back-ups & youngsters into the line-ups and am looking forward to getting my first look at them. Your favourite players might be sitting on the bench or in the stands but that’s not an indication of my future policy before you get upset. It’s just me giving some of them a well-deserved rest and looking closely at some of the players from Ottawa. Myself and my management team will work really hard over the off-season to see what we can do to improve and stamp a winning philosophy on them. Now, I will take some of your questions.”

"Toronto Sun here. Will you be thinking of relocating or rebranding the team? We see so many teams doing this and the people of Toronto will be very nervous about this.”
"No, you can assure them that the Huskies are here to stay. I like Toronto and I like the name Huskies too, I’ll definitely be sticking with them. I will though however be commissioning a new logo, our current one just doesn’t cut it, and the players will be getting fine new uniforms because let’s face it our old ones looked a bit bland.”

"Toronto Star. Can you tell us what your philosophies are? How can we expect the Huskies to play next season?”
"Well, I hope they’ll be playing better. Seriously though, I am very big on defence and speed. All of my teams can run, and all can defend. It would be nice if they could lay a bat on the ball too, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I also am a great fan of "If you’re good enough, you’re old enough”, you’ll be seeing a lot of our promising youngsters given a chance next season.”

"The Globe and Mail. That brings us on to our question nicely. Evegnii Mirxayan is one of the league’s top prospects, how do you intend using him next season? We hope you’re not thinking of trading him?”
"He does look a good player, but I can’t help thinking that maybe he was rushed to the majors. He just hasn’t got that biting movement that would really make him a top, top player. That said, I’m keeping him here and hopefully making him the face of the franchise, he’s someone you can build a franchise around. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that he will develop that little bit to put him among the league’s superstars."

"Right, I think that’s enough for today, I’m still a bit jet lagged. I’ll speak to you again after the next round of games."