The King Goes West
Reigning MVP Ivan Torres has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Ivan Torres has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals; Seoul receives Rafael Cavazos, Ruben Othon, and Gabriel Betancourt in return.

After months of rumors and speculation, Torres is finally on the move. In Torres, the Cardinals get one of the best players in the game for this season and the next. With Nelson Lopez only on contract until the end of next season, and David Veloz's bat declining faster than anyone expected, St. Louis is going all-in right now. Barring a miraculous turnaround by Veloz, his massive contract will likely hamstring the Cardinals for the next four years, so their window was closing fast. Getting Torres into their rotation might not move them into contender status just yet, but it all but guarantees the Cardinals will be in the playoffs.

For the Phoenix, moving Torres officially signifies the start of their rebuild. This is a move they had to make, as their TNBL team is almost completely devoid of talent and their farm system sits as the 7th worst in OSA's rankings. Getting Cavazos, the #1 overall pick in this year's draft (who I called one of the best draft prospects in years), probably moves them into the top half of the rankings, if not higher. Othon is another top-100 prospect, currently sitting at #87, although he's likely a future DH. Betancourt was St. Louis' 8th-ranked prospect, and is a lottery ticket SP.