Steve Jackson Is Now a Cardinal
St. Louis continues their attempt to bolster their rotation, sending minor leaguer Iso Tanaka to Fargo in return for Steve Jackson.

In their second trade in less than a day, the St. Louis Cardinals have added another starting pitcher. If Ivan Torres replaces Eppe van Aert at the top of the Cardinals' rotation, Steve Jackson will likely replace the struggling Jose Ruiz. While Jackson is nowhere near the flashy name that Torres is, he'll still be a big boost in the Cardinals' push to bring home their first championship. If acquiring Torres all but guarantees the Cardinals make the playoffs, getting Jackson pushes them into the group of contenders. Whether they have the bullpen – or the power – to compete with Cloud City in a playoff series remains to be seen, but the Cardinals' are now firmly in the conversation. The Cards have stated they're not done making moves yet, and they'll likely look to upgrade at 1B, SS, and the bullpen, as they go all-in during the last two years of Torres' contract.

The Fargo franchise is floundering, and they have been since they last made the playoffs five seasons ago. They don't have the pitching to compete, and their farm system is middle-of-the-pack at best. Even though they had to retain all of Jackon's remaining contract, this was a move they had to make. Iso Tanaka is a lottery ticket, an 18 year old starting pitcher with four potential plus pitches. Fargo probably could've gotten something a little closer to a sure thing, but they're not going to compete for a few seasons anyway, so they're just trying to load up on potential. This trade makes sense for both teams, and puts them both in a better position to compete in their respective windows.