St. Louis, Seattle Swap Relievers
Seattle GM's friends and family celebrate trade as apparent breakthrough in his recovery from hoarding disorder.

The Seattle Mariners have sent 19 year old reliever prospect Yu-zhang Si-ma to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for RP Cody Stamm.

True to their word, the Cardinals have made another trade, although this time they're giving away a TNBL player to improve their recently-depleted farm system. Stamm has posted a very good 2.54 ERA in 49.2 innings so far this season for the Cardinals, although his 4.47 FIP and high BB/9 show some cause for concern. Some believe the former top 100 prospect could still make it as a starter, although his changeup needs considerable development for that to happen. Regardless, the Mariners get an average reliever with five more years of team control and the potential to make it as a starter.

In perhaps the most surprising move in TNBL history, the Seattle Mariners have traded away a pitching prospect. Si-ma, who was signed for $6M as an international free agent three years ago, was ranked as the 11th-best pitching prospect in Seattle's farm system. Seattle has no fewer than eight pitchers in the top 100, with two more just outside of it, so Si-ma was expendable for them. Si-ma has the potential to be a starter one day if he can develop his slider, but projects better as a long-reliever.

The wife of the Seattle Mariners' GM called the move "a really good sign that the treatment [for his hoarding disorder] is working," adding, "all he ever does is talk about pitching prospects. I never thought I'd see him trade one away." Someone will have to tell her that he may have simply switched to hoarding top picks in the 2028 draft instead, as adding Stamm now makes three of the top nine picks from that draft Mariners.